Metro East GLRS Staff

Terri Jenkins

Director of Metro East GLRS


Metro East GLRS Director

  • Joined the staff in November 2012
  • Served as the Dekalb Coordinator for Teaching and Learning before joining the GLRS Staff



Britshunla Wood

Administrative Assistant

  • Began her career in Dekalb County in 1999
  • Worked at EDC before joining the GLRS staff
  • Joined the GLRS staff in 2007



Dr. Tasha Etheridge-Farleydr_tasha_etheridge

Program Specialist

Current Projects: Active Student Participation Inspires Real Engagment(ASPIRE), Parental Involvement, and Specially Designed Instruction

  • Joined the staff in 2009
  • Former Lead Teacher for Special Education and Special Education Teacher
  • Research Interests: Behavior Management and Effective Leadership
  • Certified Trainer: Boys Town, Thinking Maps, Write From the Beginning and Beyond, and  Youth Mental Health First Aid


William “Bill” Duncanbill

Project Facilitator

Current Projects: Parental Involvement

  • Joined the staff in 2005
  • Former Principal, Assistant Principal, Instructional Lead Teacher, and General Education Teacher.
  • Research Interests: Effective school leadership and School Improvement
  • Certified Trainer: Thinking Maps, MRESA Best Practices Modules, Catching Kids UP,  and Youth Mental Health First Aid


Debbi Weed-Johnsondebbi

Project Facilitator

  • Joined in 2011
  • Former Special Education Coordinator, Lead Teacher for Special Education, and Music Therapist
  • Research Interests: Preschool Special Education, Behavior Management
  • Certified Trainer: MindsetThinking MapsWrite from the Beginning and Beyond, and Youth Mental Health First Aid


Kelly Phipps

Media Production Technician

Materials Production Center

  • Joined the staff in 1996
  • Former freelance artist/illustrator
  • Worked as a graphic artist before joining the GLRS staff



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